If you’re one of the many contemporary home-owners with an unfinished basement, it’s best to start the renovation process as soon as possible. It’s not easy to finish a basement by yourself, which is why you need the help of a company that specializes in North York basement renovations. When you hire The HandyForce, you’ll be able to start living comfortably throughout your entire home sooner!


Conducting a basement renovation by yourself can be daunting as there’s plenty to consider which means if you don’t have the experience to re-model your basement on your own, you could face a costly amount of unexpected problems. By choosing to recruit The HandyForce, they take care of everything from ensuring your home has the proper permits to making sure your basement is at its proper temperature. Turning your trust to a reliable company will save you plenty of time and money along with encouraging a stress free basement renovation experience.  


When The HandyForce takes on a new basement renovation, they set up an office within the neighbourhood in order to study the home’s architecture. With this pro-active approach, their purpose is to avoid any unexpected surprises that could end up increasing the length of time the project is estimated to finish and worse, more money spent by the home-owner.  


For every basement renovation, a customer experience manager is assigned to manage the overall project while ensuring the client is kept aware of any updates from start to finish. Providing an exceptional client experience is important to The HandyForce, which is why the staff show up on time, in uniform and are always able to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the process. 


A basement renovation takes a long time and can be expensive. The last thing you want is to have any of this increased, which is why The HandyForce never hires subcontractors to work on their projects. They pride themselves on being greatly efficient when it comes to their work ethic. When one phase is complete during your basement renovation, the next phase begins immediately afterwards which means less time waiting on contractor availability and more time getting your project done. 


The HandyForce is proud of their team. They have a diverse range of professionals whose passion and expertise lie in a variety of fields. There’s an expert for every part of your renovation process from drywallers to painters who all share one important thing in common: they’re passionate individuals who make it their mission to take care of your needs. With The HandyForce, you’ll always get the best quality possible. Why? Because they care. 


Renovating your basement requires a great deal of time and patience. If you’re looking for a company to put your trust into when it comes to your basement renovation, make the easy choice: The HandyForce! They promise to use their experience and passion to always leave you impressed and satisfied. Contact them today! 647-427-RENO (7366) or toll free at 1-888-910-RENO (7366).